Baby Panda…official bump watch!

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16 weeks in Mexico 19 weeks 19 weeks, family portrait
20 weeks and celebrating 3 years of marriage! Also probably the last time I get to wear my 4 inch heels. 19.5 weeks with Kendra (34.5 weejs) at her baby shower 21 weeks
My son's first panda bear. Although I probably have over 100 pandas, they are mine. This one was bought especially for him though. 23 weeks 23 weeks, 2 days- getting ready to leave for Gburg
23.5 days, leaving Gburg 24 weeks 24 weeks belly!
25 weeks 25 weeks belly! A real baby panda:-) This picture will be framed for my son's nursery.
28 weeks 28 weeks belly 28 weeks
Megan and I at our fall party- 28 weeks and 2 days! Getting ready for Dan and Beth's Halloween party- 28 weeks 3 days! 29 weeks- I really popped this week!
29 weeks belly 29.5 weeks at Sharon Woods
Resting on the bench at Sharon Woods I enjoyed watching the ducks for a bit Capturing some of the leaves, we waited a little too long to get these photos
I feel as big as this tree... And about 30 of these trees. 30.5 weeks, just before my ADX shower
Ready to go! My work threw me a surprise shower at 31 weeks, I got lots of cute outfits! Cute Tennis Shoes
His first Bengals outfit! Though he's been watching games with mommy for weeks now. Adorable cupcakes that Terri made! Close-up of the baby boy cupcake
I had balloons and doughnuts waiting for me when I got to work, how fun! We had a nice luncheon too Cookies from Josh's aunt and cousins- surprise "shower" at Maag Thanksgiving
Me with the cookies- they were delicious 33 weeks! 33 weeks with our tree:-)
35 Weeks! 35 weeks belly, my belly button is still an innie and no stretch marks!! 40 weeks and 2 days...ready for this baby!
40w, 2d belly 40w 5 days...right before going to the hospital Big belly...I beleive there was a 9 lb baby in there!
Ready to go to have this baby last portrait at home as a family of 2...  
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