Emily’s Wedding and Mexico!

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At the rehearsal dinner Outside at the rehearsal dinner...it was at a golf course Josh's parents
Josh's family- less the in-law children Josh and his dad The dessert was yummy- I jokingly asked for two and got it:-)
The happy couple! Emily at the salon She was a beautiful bride!
The full effect My hair at the end of the day 89 bobby pins and 9 rubber bands to hold it all up!
Us at the Tampa airport In Mexico waiting for our taxi BEACH!! This view never gets old
Relaxing by the ocean/gulf My love!
The view from our room, technically you can see the ocean from here but it's hard to tell in the photo View looking the other way Our room- pre house cleaning
Part of Josh's breakfast, they had lots of these little things. Orange juice with carrot and orange juice with cactus...then we learned it was really just celery and not cactus so not as cool. We had a new towel design each day- this was a goose
Ready to go somewhere fun...probably the beach Swimming in the ocean after snorkeling On our way to the Japanese restaurant
At the Japanese restaurant where we met our Canadian friends They flipped egg into people's mouths- very similar to Benihannas. Us again
Outside of the restaurant We tried to get this picture to look right about 20 times, this was the best we could do. It was at the beach at night on a really comfortable chair bed Smooch :-*
Trying to get a night shot- it was a full moon week On the bus going to Telum and Xel-ha The entrance to Telum- very small, narrow, and claustrophobic
An old house
A cenote I think this was a temple with sacrifices and such but Josh will have to confirm
More Telum...Mayan ruins
It was on a cliff at the edge of the ocean I wanted to go down but we didn't have enough time
We found this during our free time, the Mayans were believed to be little people so even I had to duck to get in the door
Tourist shot
Creepy Doll with flower The Xel-Ha Map- lots of cool things to do here but we didn't get to most
We found hammocks and there was no one else around us- very relaxing
Hermit Crab I took this so I would know what the other pictures were The beach had several crabs- luckily we bought our $60 water shoes so we were safe
At the beach- no one else was here but we didn't swim or anything. Just walked around and checked out the corals Joshie rinsing off his new expensive shoes A dog
We played cards several days- and found our Canadian friends to play with too. It was great to play more than just 2 person card games. Joshie in the pool
I never go on vacation without visiting at least one Walmart- not necessarily on purpose Biore stuff was in bags...I know dork shot but I wanted to see our stuff in Mexico since I manage the International accounts at Kao
The biggest tequila bottle I've ever seen Leaving WM With our Canadian friends in Playa Del Carmen- at Karens
We saw a play of the Lion King- it was good and hillarious
Frog? Josh chilling by the beach
At the creperie- what a yummy place Outside of the Creperie place Here we ran into our Canadian friends again and found out that we had the same dinner reservation, so we ate together.
Daneen- one of our new Canadian friends on her birthday. They finally came out and sang to her- this was pretty hillarious <3
Showing off the baby bump- 16 weeks here
They had starbucks! It was yummy   
Photos 1 - 100 out of 100 | Back to Albums
Location: Florida and Mexico