Fall 2011-Life with 2 Boys!

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Tummy Time 6 days old
On the way to the DR- 6 days old
1 week old! Jonathan loves to sweep the floor What a big helper
Ready to play mommy! Headed outside for mommy/Johnny time Such a big boy!
At the beginning of summer he needed help on these steps, now he can do it all by himself The climber was $20 well spent! Uh oh, spotted the camera
Went to Red Robin- he still loves lemons
eat the lemon... and FACE! haha but he still likes them anyway
This kid is hillarious 1st haircut by Grandma Maag, 9/15 He was so good, didn't cry at all
Keep it straight Grandma... Snuggle time with Mommy in his snuggle spot- 9 days old 10 days old, being held by big brother!
I wanted a shot of their feet together Too bad this is blurry, so good of Johnny!
Jeremiah was over it Jonathan loves to give hugs! Jeremiah is not yet sure about this And he gives kisses, lots of kisses!
2 weeks old! 2 weeks, 2 days 2 weeks, 2 days
2 weeks, 2 days, delicious meal from Sara! Jonathan has recruited help for his chores :-)
2 weeks, 3 days 4.5 weeks old, tummy time together!
I'll help you brother... This looks more dangerous than it actually was 1 month old- look at the awesome blanket my grandma made me!
So relieved to be home from the hospital Loved reuniting with both my big boy!
5 weeks old- 11lb 12 oz Chilling on the couch with mommy More tummy time together!
Check me out, I'm 1 month old! (5 weeks, we fudged it a  bit)
So precious Before the pumpkin farm- brothers playing together Jeremiah shielding himself
Bonk, didn't quite work Hi mommy! Tummy time together again :-)
The cutest thing Jonathan has ever done- tummy time with his brother Brotherly bonding...or napping My big boy and my little boy
Wonder what they were both thinking The one eye open sleeper...or he's winking at Auntie E Ready for the pumpkin farm, thanks Grandma Julie Maag for the outfits!
My 3 <3s Cutest butts ever!
At Blooms & Berries
Happy Sweetest Day! JT's 1st girlfriend and 1st kiss
Weee, what a fun slide! He loved this! Potty training daddy He also loved this tunnel and the hay bail
On the hay ride! My little pumpkins
JT wouldn't come sit with me too So I scooped him up instead JT with Ellie
She wanted to lift that pumpkin so bad So upset on the way  back
Poor kid, our day was done...we all needed a nap!   
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