Gatlinburg 2010-JT 7 months

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Johnny on the way down, such a good boy! Playing at the cabin!
Such a stinker Our cabin view- GORGEOUS!! From the front deck
From the second floor loft area
At the Bull Fish Grill; JT: what camera? Where?
I don't see a camera? Oh, there it mom's not looking! More view
Beautiful smokey moutnains At Ripley's- I think we all know who mom thought was important to be in the photo? That's better...
Deciding on a shirt for's says Parents for sale, buy 1 get 1 free At Jonathan's store!
Mom and Dad by the broomcrow Passed out in downtown Gatlinburg, all the shopping was just too much Eating his organic peas and rice before embarking on the rest of the day's adventures
WIPE--he hates this part but it actually makes it easier to clean him because he does Happy full baby! Jonathan was sleeping so we didn't wake him
Picnic by the river was great but started to sprinkle as we were packing up JT enjoyed the picnic too
He mostly ate toys though I love that Josh and I have a similar picture of us in Gburg when we were dating only 10 months!
LOVE this one:-) Johnny up high
He is almost big enough to ride on my shoulders On our drive through the mountains...
Aww, such cuties!!
With my parents...after our drive Just MY food at Apple much food it was ridiculous!! There was a big bird cage next to us, I decided they were having a church sermon
Fun at the Hollywood Wax Museum! Mom and Dad watched JT so we could go out on a date:-) Why, hello Tom
Next to Angelina...
One of my top 5 favorite movies Yummm
I think these just speak for themselves...
He was so huge!
And smelly Seriously? the nipple? Come on...
My Jack...I'll take him in wax, that's close enough
New toy at the cabin- pull sting on the fan!
So we thought we'd let him grab ahold of it And just hang there...j/k More time with toys!
Family photo Another family photo up in the loft At the Pancake Cabin, got to enjoy some of mommy's pancakes!
Quick stop at Great Grandpa and Grandma's house in Lexington   
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