Hilton Head 2009

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On the way down We stopped at the Apple Barn for wine :-) Casey slept in the backseat
Casey had Chicken Wings At the Beach! Josh and Casey walking to the ocean
Josh and I playing in the water Look, I found a shell :-)
Happy to be on vaca and at a beach! Josh is a good kite flier- we shall call him Petrey. Flying his kite
We went to a nice restaurant and had Oysters Rockefeller- This was the Black Marlin and although we had fun, I wouldn't recommend it to others. Mom and Dad at the Black Marlin Josh and I at the Black Marlin
Mom made it to the beach! But the birds were a bit scary. Petty Feet! I eventually had the birds eating food out of my fingers
Casey and Mom at the beach. O... H...
O...he missed the I :-( Joshie at the beach Casey with birds
This was Rosie because she had red lips. She was the first to eat from my hands. Feeding the birds my whole box of goldfish crackers Mom was cold
Casey in Josh's sand castle They are both reading...haha A castle, for me??
Josh's castle, built by hand again.
Together at the beach We had so much fun! Beach shot 1
Beach Shot 2
At the Bamboo Restaurant enjoying a 2 for 1 margarhita Happy Hour Josh drank his diet pepsi OMG This was Josh's Dinner
My dinner Casey picking at her BBQ BBQ burger The WARDOG...Cheese filled hotdog wrapped in bacon which is beer battered and deep fried then covered in chilli and cheese on a pointless bun. Amazing
Josh's aftermath... Alligators were everywhere Baby gators- 4 "teenagers" and a baby on one of them
This white bird statyed on this little island forever Mom is getting her ears pierced!! Only took 47 years...
Wow, she is really doing it. I think it's because I had a cookie for her when she was done. Mom and sister- yay for pierced ears! We were so proud of her!
Driving to the beach one last day! Sad becasue it's the last day to drive to the beach. Mom outside
Josh and I at the back of the condo My family with my tall husband. I hope this means our kids will be tall! Almost home :-(
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Description: Vacation with the Mahany's
Location: Hilton Head, South Carolina