It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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Josh made me pie, yumm Getting long! 2.5 months old Hanging out Getting the new tree u p It's assembled! Extra little hands helping decorate and helping undecorate... Breakfast with santa Mrs. Clause gave him candy canes Typical toddler meltdown rocking his brother JJ gets a hat, JT getns antlers playing up in Chick Fil A all by himself! mommy took care of JJ while the boys played Ready for church Thanks mamaw for the outfit! Ready for work Future wedding slideshow?? I think so Found his drawer of cups Started stacking them into a tower Yes little man, I spotted you! hmm, guess I should wash these almost 3 months old! yes, good things do come in small packages <3 Much needed time with my boys today He loves my foot massager love snuggles he is a blankie baby Photos 1 – 100 out of 100 | Back to Albums