Jeremiah “Justice” James Maag

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Around 5AM between contractions and ready to go to the hospital! (contractions  were 3-4 mins apart in the car) Hanging labor Josh's shot...lying on my side waiting to give birth Loved the birthing ball! So glad to take advantage of this while I could move around NOT hooked up to pitocin! More labor... So so so so happy baby Jeremiah is here and healthy and labor is over! Those last contractions were rough! My big boy getting checked out Welcome to the world little one Did not like getting his feet inked Cutest stinkin feet ever Post delivery (noticed the much flatter tummy)...waiting for my baby to be put back in my arms Proud parents Very proud and wonderful daddy! So bright eyed Mommy is forever in love We made it! <3 We have a similar shot with Jonathan...daddy is good This is the face Jonathan made several times when seeing the baby...he wanted nothing to do with his brother yet! Grandma knows how to keep him occupied and happy First photo as a family of 4... Proud Grandma! Beautiful happy aunt Casey! Proud Grandpa! My darling...happy most of his redness has gone away now 2.5 mos old, bath time! not so happy to get baths anymore mommy kisses make it better <3 Photos 1 – 41 out of 41 | Back to Albums
Description: Introducing Jeremiah “Justice” James Maag. 9lbs. 5oz., 22″, born at 2:04PM on September 6, 2011. Note: “Justice” is his extra middle name given by daddy- not appearing on the birth certificate! Big Brother’s was “Danger”
Location: Bethesda North