Jeremiah’s First Birthday Party!

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Getting crafty for the party Butterfly clips Prepping the bookmarks
You can't have a caterpillar party without cutting lots and lots of circles--probably 500+ Thanks to Casey for all of her help!
Making the cake!--It was rainbow colored Welcome to the Very Hungry Caterpillar Party
Dad's awesome, enormous and delicious apple shaped cheeseball!
Cake No party hats, everyone got caterpillar antennae instead
Party Favor Part 1 Picture of each month as he inched along
ooops, forgot to get him in his bday outfit when the party started! Awesome sign made by Casey's friend! Mailbox baloons
Grandma did lots of work, couldn't have done it without her Antennae family
Everything became a caterpillar Bethie and G--she came early to help me! Thanks again :)
Aunt Susan and Lilly working on their craft Making coffee filter butterflies The youngest guest--Nolan McNeely
Mommy and the birthday boy...and the photo BOMB Mike Aseem & Garima came :) Sara with Kate--second youngest guest
Darren & Oliver Grandma Maag came up for the party and did lots and lots of work too. Thanks Grandma for making my party special! Thankful the weather cleared up---lots of playing in the yard
Proud Grandparents Made Rainbow cupcakes
Rainbow cupcake Pink Ladies This one is next to turn 1!
Sisters Soon tobe parents- Amy & Rod Sisters and Sisters
My first best friend, thanks for all of your help! Holly and Liam
Another Cake Shot Flying G Wouldn't stand the hat
He was too tired Barely made a dent Uncle Clint Came!
Evan and Johnny playing Trying to get a picture of the other birthday boy Mike, and this happened
Opening gifts People were way too generous!
Cheryl & Ira watching gift opening
He thinks its hilarious to throw these on the ground and have someone pick them up Tried the cake again He figured things out
Yumm yumm yumm Go for it!
We had a braveheart moment Aww, started to get in his eyes :( Getting all cleaned up
More yard play Siblings
Hunter and Ellie off playing More craft time- Fingerprint caterpillar bookmarks and coffee filter butterflies Thanks Aunt Casey for the bearcats pacis!
Glad Grandma was there to give Johnny his cupcake, he always talks about birthday cakes
Photos 1 - 85 out of 85 | Back to Albums
Description: Had 55 people come to our house to celebrate his first year!