Jonathan 10 months- Christmas!!

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Jonathan receiving an ornament from Grandma & Grandpa Maag He enjoyed playing with it Thanks Grandma & Grandpa! See, it has my name on it!
Doing what he does best these days--crawling away! Eating yummy bananas and cheerios--so I'll be messy for Aunt Casey! Hi Dad!Such a cutie
See, Aunt Casey hates a messy baby, but she loves me! That's better
The stocking I made for JT...a little straight, but it was sewn by hand All of the stockings- JT gets two becuase one says "Baby's First Christmas" The tree- trying to get a pic of JT sitting in front of it Christmas Eve
Didn't work though
Cookies & milk for Santa, carrots for the reindeer! The tree before Santa came Santa Came!!
Even Bandit got a stocking Christmas morning...Santa came! JT excited for his new gifts
Ready to play! Ok, let's open gifts now!
This photo shoot is hard work We were both excited for Christmas!
With his stocking
Trying to pull stuff out yay puffs! What else does a baby want? Josh and his stocking--lego & Ninja star push pins
JT liked mommy's stocking too--ice cream flavored jelly bellys JT with Daddy
Daddy is good at helping open gifts! LOTS of play food! He started trying to grab it right away
Another present.... Present break...
Yay, more little Zoomers! Playing with his new work bench! Cool tools!
Ready to help daddy finish the basement now! Mommy always buys daddy at least 1 shirt! Helicopter!
New screwdriver set...all getting us a little closer to finishing the basement! He crawled under the Christmas Tree to play Kept bending down to avoid the branches...
such precious moments I got Godiva and a gift card to go get a massage--so excited about this one! Cordless light
He picked up a few bows from under the tree, ready to open another present too! Really excited about my big gift... I got my sewing machine!
So many things i want to make I can Also got my Toy Story movies :-) Hickory Farms--holiday favorite
JT opening his last gift He wrapped it back up Now we're pulling off the was more trucks!
At Grandma Mahany's House Camping hammock! So excited!
Diving over mommy's feet opening more presents! He's starting to get good at tearing the paper...
Mom opening one of her gifts-showing off her new Premiere Design necklace too
Mom loves hoodies Got a picture of a panda to frame Mom got a "grandma" candle from Becky & Clint
Really tired from all of these Christmases! With Josie, showing off her new Princess stuff Note the still wrapped gift my brother is holding...what could it be?
I was so in love...two babies in my lap...maybe next Christmas! enjoyed holding them both so much Girls on the couch, appropriately arranged by age since that's how we open presents
He wanted to play with cousin Josie enjoying ribbon and such in front of the tree
showing off my nail care set from Becky & Clint Josie helping Clint with his ax
Josh got a keyboard that he wanted Happy to get Sequence--had fun playing it today too
Dad wasted no time using his new gift the best part of Christmas is playing with the kiddos So fun
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