Jonathan 12-15 months

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At the Original Pancake House for breakfast with Grandma Maag Yum yum Such a sweet face back home, playing with his balloons Looks like he's holding his light saber that he got the day before but not quite Must go get the balloons! Where's Johnny? See, he does have hair!! Superbowl Sunday! I don't think he looked so silly in person Playing with all of the toys The big kids kept taking away toys but I think he held his own ok Fun with Daddy With Mommy- Johnny was cheering for Pittsburgh and I was cheering for Green Bay, lucking he crashed before he was the end learning to feed himself, mashed potatoes hands are quicker than spoons such a mess, but so fun! Learning to walk everywhere! Such a little stinker Cuteness! Discovering the pantry Eating a biter biscuit while helping mom decide what to cook yuck or yum, can't decide! He still loves to crawl into his bouncy seat even though he's waaay too big happy ST. Patrick's Day Dad! Playing and eating mom's pogs Drinking from juice boxes now The usual mess Posing with Aunt Casey Double kisses! At the hospital- pre-surgery At the hospital, ready for surgery! He was in a great mood, roamed the halls happily while waiting Not really drinking Grandma's diet coke Playing with a new birthday toy 2 very cute little boys! Eating yummy dinner at Grandma & Grandpa's Playing at the park Helping mom put up groceries--skipping putting them away He broke into the blueberries early Sweet boys climbing stairs Photos 1 – 74 out of 74 | Back to Albums