Jonathan-2 months and Easter

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Had to wear my bearsuit and sunglasses on the same day-1 day before I was 2 months old! Grandma and Grandpa trying to snap my picture I love shoulders...Grandpa's is great
2 months old- mommy bought me a seahorse... I threw it off of me, I wasn't ready for bed Happy!
Looking like my Uncle Clint here I know I'm cute...mommy took about 20 photos of me this day
Soon I will really play with my rain forest gym 2 months old at Grandma's. My belly grew a lot this past month With Mommy at Grandma's
My feet said "kiss me" works every time on mommy Whoa-big boy at bath time, I barely fit on the sink still Loving the 6 month Jammies-I can stretch my legs out again!
First Time at Chuck E Cheese, Mommy and I did one ride together which drew our photo Cousin Josie at Chuck E Cheese Yes, I am a Future Knight in Shining Armor-Thanks Grandma!
Big Eyes-don't like those flashes! I heard baseball season was starting soon so I thought I'd get ready...
Naptime on mommy's bed and my boppy We had a cookout right before Easter because it was so nice out
Daddy playing with me
Out shopping for furniture with my mommy and daddy-day before Easter but I wanted to wear the bunny hat my grandma and grandpa sent me from Florida. Ready for church on Easter!
Look at my basket! I couldn't wait to grab a hold of it! Not sure about the hat today
Mommy thought I needed shoes... I hate the shoes!!
With Mommy before church With Daddy before church
Mommy and Daddy got baskets too, Mommy's is always bigger than Daddy's
Done with Easter, mommy and daddy gave me a bath and put on my PJs.
2 month check-up...grumpy baby Note the bandaids- 2 shots today! 9 weeks, 5 days old Almost 10 weeks old- visiting daddy at work
Swaddle fail 10 weeks old! Mommy will have to move the bears out of my crib soon
Mommy's birthday-I was a good boy! What I woke up to on my birthday. Mommy was written in crayon:-) At grandma's mommy waiting for daddy to pick her up for her birthday date dinner
Daddy and me at Jordan's birthday party-10.5 weeks
Daddy and friends at my friend Teddy's 1st birthday party. Daddy, please build me one of these! My first time in a real swing! I feel asleep...
Mommy loved it! Check out her new haircut, it's much harder for me to pull now
10 weeks 5 days- daddy took the day off work to play with me
We went for a walk today-my hat wouldn't stay put  
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