Jonathan- 5 months

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Had the biggest blowout yet this morning so he got a bath to celebrate turning 5 months old Big boy on his blanket
Trying to sneak the milk before I used it in his cereal He was trying to be so sly Too bad it didn't work, mommy mixed it in the cereal
Mommy was so anxious she almost forgot to remove the pacifier This was actually try two with the cereal It wasn't as successful as try 1
He did ok with the spoon but wasn't overly thrilled with this experience All done!! Let me out of this seat!
Shopping at Ikea He was generally happy though had his moments of fuss. I carried him a lot in the store to keep him happy Loving the rain forest gym
Look at my big feet! Look just like my daddy Uh oh, I see that camera...
double fisting with his toys- including his 1st cell phone playing on the floor at great grandmothers, I remember playing on this floor as a kid All tuckered out from the visit- sporting my new jean diapers and Italy shirt from mommy's friend Terri
Family photo on the 4th The men ready to go swimming! Johnny in the water- didn't love it but didn't hate it. Also got dunked a bit on this day
So tired from all the sun and swimming, Johnny nap time=daddy time which equaled mommy's break time Love the links I shake them all around and make them come apart
I love to hold the spoon Yummmm I can do it mommy!
realizing daddy pulled out the camera SMILE! I do this all the time but I usually stop when they pull out the camera, looks like they caught me enjoying my sweet potatoes baby food really does get everywhere despite our best intentions...
Sporting his jean diapers I was trying to get him to smile for me... But of course he didn't want to...look at those thighs! He's over 17 lbs now!
Sitting up, he's still working on sitting on his own but he can do it, just not for long, yes that's daddy sleeping in the background too Playing with his toys at Patrick's Dehoff's birthday party He's too young for Settlers so he played with this links instead
My chunky little monkey:-) Josh face!...His hands and feet have always seemed HUGE to me! He likes to hold things in front of his face and study them. He did this in the Carter store with a tag of an outfit I was buying him
Getting sleepy, naps were a bit sporadic this weekend But daddy came over to play anyway! I love my daddy! He always knows how to make me laugh!
My sweetheart, mid laugh At Aunt Casey's trying to watch TV mom, chill with the photos
Hanging out with daddy, at Aunt Casey & Tahnee's place Probably watching the beaver show here, JT loves to watch TV I think he learned this from Darren...
Yumym sweet potatoes Enjoying that DAD can finally feed him some now
The bottle that "daddy gave him"...he pretty much ate this one all by himself He really wants to be the one to hold the bottle now When Josh tried to help him he'd clench the bottle as if he thought Josh was going to take it away
Aunt Emily sent a package...for me?!? Sweet mom, it has my name on the envelope! There was a tasty letter inside
Yumm yumm I didn't want to give it back, it tasted like crayons! Daddy showing me off in the new outfit that was in my package from Aunt Emily and Uncle Jeremy!
I think he likes it:-) A little blurry, he wanted to keep grabbing the letter The jumparoo is becoming fun! Stayed in it the whole time while Josh and I ate dinner (delicious steak dinner that Josh cooked)
The duckies are the best part Doesn't need a pillow to reach the floor anymore
What he thought of mashed potatoes (with mamma's milk) not a hit Hanging out with Aunt Casey Trying to figure out how to drool onher more...
He always wants something in his mouth Momma love
The men doing what they do best... Playing with his new toy! Well, new to him, I got it at one of his showers Shapes taste good, but not as good as paper
Helping daddy frill Checking out the grill, I think Johnny likes gas grills too
Enjoying the summer before it was nasty hot! July 4th weekend Play Date with Oliver! We did not plan for them to match...but their mommies just have a great sense of style
Holding hands :-) I think Oliver is catching up to JT rapidly, will have to post another picture of them together soon to prove it!!
Every baby needs a little "breathing" time...   
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Description: Starting solid foods this month, this will definitely be an adventure