Jonathan- 8 months!

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8 month bath photo shoot Such a cutie pie Not too happy after bath time sometimes
UP HIGH with daddy 8-months on the blanket, getting really long
Super Johnny
Working on crawling Crawling away from mommy He has started leap frogging forward, pretty much everything but actual crawling
O-H-I-O dressed for the Buckeyes! Such a sweetheart
Coming for the camera Plop!
Ready to start October! At Kings Island wearing his cool kicks from Grandma and Grandpa
using his sippy cup! He's got it down for the most part but doesn't always tilt back enough He wanted to look at everything but the camera! mini pumpkin patch for the kiddos
He was soo happy Fun straw!
With his pumpkin we were at KI for Daddy's company picnic
Playing on the Fire Engine Look I can stand!
Hold On, I can't turn this thing! Aww, more secure with Daddy's arm Driving in the truck- My grandfather (JT's great grandfather) was a fireman
Learning to drive already
Getting ready for the carousel ride! I LOVE my family!
First time on the horsey He grabbed the pole himself Whoa, this is big mommy
Hang On tight, and don't lick it! I was so afraid he'd want to wiggle off All done, getting a shot of his little tushie
At Darren's 1st birthday party Getting up to grab some of his toys
mmm Darren had ice cream! Playing again...
Loving the ball shooter Trying on his Halloween costume for Aunt Casey
Cutest little dragon ever! Practicing his Trick Or Treat walk tail and wings
leap crawling! At the Farm Petting goats with daddy
more goats almost goat kisses! nice goat...
and the goat is less interesting now...
giving Nicki directions The llama was posing for pictures
In the corn maze lost in the maize...
Cute lil farm boy On his first hayride
with girl friend Ellie he took her pacifier pumpkins!
he loved playing in the dirt
so precious
getting the dirt out of his mouth
His first pumpkin
There is a picture of my brother with a girl named Joy that looks very similar to this
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Location: Had a blast in the beautiful fall weather!