Jonathan is 3 months old!

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On his 3 month birthday-big boy! almost 15 lbs here Beautiful eyes and eye lashes, not sure where he got these from!
It was a bit chilly so we busted out the sleep sack happy 3 months to me!
This flash is nuts! I love my natural rattle from Cheryl, Coleman and Ira
First bubble bath I don't know about these bubbles mommy put on my head BFF Darren
JT just woke up Love it! Darren wanted to give his friend a kiss
and then a hug I think they like each other:-) Going to a Cinco De Mayo Party...Mom and Dad should have bought me a Sombrero when they were in Mexico
Mommy ready to give me a kiss Hi dad!
At the McEnaney's Still have daddy's forehead but looking more like Mommy and a bit like my Uncle Clint I've gotten good at lifting my head during tummy time
Look at how big I am in my seat! I like to stretch out...
Mother's Day morning This is what I get to see every day
Ready to celebrate mother's day Kiss 1 of a thousand for the day! Jonathan and Josh gave me a photo frame for work, it was loaded with lots of pictures of Jonathan
Showing off his cute outfit, of course he looks good when I make a silly face He likes sweater vests, this is similar to his Easter getup
Meeting Great Grandmother! Great Granddaddy! JT:Notice, I lost my sweater vest. I decided I didn't want to wear it afterall! (Peed through it on mommy to prove it!)
JT with his Great Grandparents! He is lucky to have 4! I like my play bridge
We have entered the drooly phase! Daddy tickling me
It worked! His arms and legs were all over the place with a huge grin on his face.
Excited for Grandma Maag to come this weekend! I am really good at standing now but still like to grab mommy's hair. Why is she smiling? Ouch!
So much better than the days when he would scream/cry on the changing table! Look Mom no diaper! Whoops...
Another bubble bath seriously mom, I am so over the bubbles on my head look
One of my faves He's a bit too small for this but I thought I'd try it anyway with my daddy
Jonathan squirms a lot more now, we have to be careful with him! Tired from all the pictures, we were both ready for bed What a wonderful first Mother's Day!
A little sleepy, mommy caught me off guard with that thing again CUTIE PIE! I love to hold up my legs!!
Sitting on Daddy's lap after dinner We went to the Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory As soon as we walked in one landed on Grandma
And one on mommy's leg! Family photo by one of the butterfly exhibits One landed on my fake flowers:-)
In front of the waterfall in the Botanical Gardens With Grandma at the waterfall I loved watching the waterfall
Discovering nature! When he's older I will have to teach him to "not touch" Can you believe this pretty lady is my Grandma? She taught me pat-a-cake!
Roll it... On my big panda seat Sitting up with mommas help
Owl hat- my head fits in this now! My boppy- sadly I don't like it as much anymore HUGE feet..I don't fit in lots of jammies now
With Grandma! We had such a great time Tuckered out at Honey Baked Ham Jungle Jims!
Too bad we didn't see Elvis come on, Mommy remembers this as  a child mmm fingers
Everyone thought I was so stinkin cute
Playing with Daddy We get to play a lot And I love it!
Shake Shake Shake
At Fountain Square for lunch   
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Description: He's getting pretty big...lost my original digital camera and the pics of him at 11 and 12 weeks but have pics on his 3 month birthday. Enjoy:-)