Jonathan is 4 months old!

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Playing with Daddy He knows how to make me laugh! Still lifting my legs in the air
Help Mommy, I don't want to watch Daddy play video games!!! Look at my cool outfit from my grandma And my Monkey from my Great Aunt Susan
At Taste of Cincinnati, borrowed Darren's shades because mommy forgot mine Timeout for baby to eat too! We hung out with my friend Darren, he got to eat real food though. I don't know about all that
Daddy burped me and played with me for a bit
I love downtown!! Mommy and Kendra with Darren
At Taste of Cincy I know it's Memorial day and all but is this outfit really necessary mom? Visiting my Grandparent's grave
Great Grandpa's plaque at the Airforce Cemetery Grandpa and me A different type of 4-generations photo...
Stopped at McDonalds on the way home-notice I found a way to get myself out of the flag outfit! Grocery shopping...notice Mommy's product (Biore) below me! I loved cruising in the cart!
Sooo happy:-) Mommy says I was the best dressed man at the pool!
Before we got in the pool together Getting too big for my bouncy seat Out for a walk in the neighborhood, I sacked out
On my way to the Shely reunion, that's mom's coke Thank you grandma for my teething ring! Nam nam nam
At Skyline...meeting Mommy's friends Ryan, DJ and Meggan I wish I would have taken his picture on this blanket for each of his monthly birthdays- here he is at 4 months and 10 days
Thought Jonathan could ride on Smokey No, the cat was not trying to run away ;-) Daddy teaching him to use the teething ring
My men :-) In the jumparoo, not a fan at first!
Learning to spin the duckies around I can't get over how long he is, yet at the DR he hadn't grown that much. Only 3.5 inches longer since birth? I don't believe it
Got a bumbo! Bumbo, seahorse and links? I'm a little multi-tasker already
It looks like he's trying to drive it somewhere
Father's Day! Although the "I Love Mommy" bib was on top, it didn't seem appropriate for Father's Day. So I used the "Zombie Snack" bib instead Father's Day breakfast Father's day gifts!
Josh with the reason we celebrate Father's Day in our house this year
Took my dad to Ruby Tuesday's Dad, probably singing about the old lady who swallowed a fly Josh at RT with JT
This is Marvin, Jonathan's favorite monkey At Lydia's birthday party holding on to Marvin Marvin is yummy
Uh oh, he spotted the camera The face mommy was making to get him to smile
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Description: Wow, another month older!