Jonathan Thomas- 7 months old

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7-month blanket photo shoot So excited to play with mommy! Sweet baby face
Daddy sent mommy flowers at work- these are her favorite They were the primary flower in her bouquet and wedding decorations So many she made 2 vases and sent some home with Grandma!
Neked dance party in the mirror before bath time- a must! Bath time! He is able to let go of one side of the tub!
Screeching Searching for a toy Found it!!
This is the first time I saw him pick up so many toys in his bath. Of course they all get a taste test Nom nom nom Ducky was the favorite, maybe because it's so much larger?
playing with Ducky sooooo precious Ducky tastes good too
Mom, I can wash myself, enough with the camera already Uh oh...don't eat the rag. Maybe he was thirsty? Back to ducky, maybe he will sit on my head?
Little foot came out of the water Chillin against the side And no hands!! Mommy rescued me from sliding all the way back about 2 seconds later.
Wearing the awesome shirt mommy's friend brought me from Italy! I <3 Mommy
What's this? Red Alert?? What??? Noo mommy, I don't want to play daddy's video games!
The fan is waaay more interesting than mommy and it's not even spinning Captures him well :-) Taking  a nap, I loved his outfit this day
What a big boy! This would be great if he had teeth to show off Grandpa and Grandpa Maag came to visit!
Grandpa was soooo happy to see me! First time in a high chair- went very well
At Kewpee enjoying mixed fruit while everyone else had Kewpee burgers I think he really wanted the frosty How could I say no to this?
So we let him play with a cup And the fry box, he did have his first french fry here on this visit Yummy box
Comparing Johnny to the Kewpee doll though we thought it best to keep his clothes on ;-) He was excited to visit Lima again Grandma's necklace was a big hit
Grandma was certainly happy to see me too All dressed up for cousin Katie's wedding...mommy had a hard time finding dress clothes but ended up with 2 options! Great Aunt Cheryl sent me clothes but it was too chilly to wear them--68 degrees in September? Grandpa's hat kept me entertained during the was too long for me
So I snoozed...for most of it anyway At the beautiful church
My two handsome men:-) So blessed!
Too bad the outfit didn't last longer, Jonathan looked sooo cute, daddy isn't too bad either Eh, not my favorite picture but I wanted one with him too :-) Getting comfy at the reception...bye bye tie and shoes, time to put my feet up!
And PJ time...needed a nap Jonathan made the Reserved table card:-) Grandma's bracelet was a hit too:-)
yummy juice They had glow necklaces! Aunt Suzanne made sure Jonathan had one too They were a big hit with the kids...and grownups
Jonathan's first chicken dance All of the Maags under the Maag sign
Maag Family :-) This is the best picture...Jonathan just loved Grandpa's hat. So cute! Another shot with Grandma and Grandpa
Johnny enjoying all of his toys
Still drooling buckets... who needs toys when there are pillows to eat
and blankets... He loves his drum toy
Ready for the Bengals...WHO DEY!! At Sara's for game 2- this sis what the games have become, lots of babies!!
Such cuties:-) Watching some of the game Touchdown!! JT just wanted to lay all the way back, he couldn't stand to watch them come so close to losing
Chasing the ladies He got her hair bow! But she left him anyway...thats' what he gets I suppose for spending so much time with Ira
Photos 1 - 90 out of 90 | Back to Albums
Description: A new month! Wow, 7-months old, we are so blessed with our baby boy!