Late Summer/Fall 2008

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my beautiful niece Josie Love trying to get a good picture trying still trying... ok nope finally ah, yes! precious Bethie and I at Cedar Pointe Makes me think of Mandi yes that's josh maag with a camera typical we had to do something to distract ourselves from the annoying ride guy Patchy This was a great trip, no idea why we look so glum oh yeah, it was early in the AM going to the beach walking into the winery horseshoes for the non lush types Dinner table waiting for food Rod at his happiest This is actually a funny video The Naney's Nighttime Campfire complete with I've Never games Church walking to town... sunset at the brewrey While fixing up the house we celebrated 2 years of marriage Primavista... Photos 1 – 50 out of 50 | Back to Albums
Description: The end of a great summer
Location: Home, Kelly’s Island, Cedar Pointe