Maine Vacation 2012

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Leaving for Maine! A stop at Niagara Falls. Family photo at the falls.
Lighthouse we stayed at (not a real lighthouse). At the Lighthouse, JT wanted to take a nap with his brother. Didn't work out so well.
Lighthouse came with a sweet ride.
Found some triangle rocks.
Nate's Charlie Brown tree.
"Which one of you is my dinner?"
Eating some lobster on the shore.
Look out! Run! More running!
Playing cards. (Spite & Malice)
View from the Lighthouse.
Car in the garage of where we stayed. Didn't come with the keys. :( Night time photo Nathaniel and I took together. 25 Seconds of exposure. Nate and I worked on this photo together too. Exposure was 60 seconds.
On top of Cadillac Mountain Watching Elmo on the iPad during a diaper change.
I'm proud to say I left a few chocolate bars of my own in the restroom while we were here. Holding the biggest chocolate bar Hershey's makes.
Flight 93 landing path at the memorial.  
Photos 1 - 68 out of 68 | Back to Albums
Location: Mount Desert Island