Me and the boy:-)

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Josh and I go to see the sunrise Us being silly as usual
Josh and I at a prom themed party...we did "afterprom" Celebrating Josh's 23rd Birthday at Vito's! Photo shoot at the rock!
Joshie holding me...almost dropping me New Angle, before "afterprom" Smack:-*
This wouldn't look so bad if Bryan didn't fall off a couch taking the picture:-) Driving hime...I think I look like Kate Moss on crack Birfday boy
Going out to celebrate my parent's 25th anniversary. My 19th birthday...just before we started dating! Our first formal together...STE formal 2004
Halloween 2004, Preist and Pregnant Nun! Josh and me in his old room playing with the webcam. At Applebees...we'd been together for 2 months
My 21st birthday:-) At my parent's house after diner on my 21st At Kelly's Isalnd 2005
Kelly's Island Rock was beautiful!   
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