Mr. Jonathan Thomas Maag

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At the hospital the night before- freezing but excited! Mom and I at the hospital, waiting for this kiddo to come! In labor, feeling contractions but trying to pass time so we played cards.
After 9ish hours of labor he was born...I'm glad his little head didn't stay this shape! Looking at my little boy for the first time, I don't actually remember this too well Josh cut the cord
Holding him snug and clean fo the first time Proud daddy! He's a natural...wonderful father
9ish hours of labor later, baby was here! In his hospital crib Closer of his little face
Happy to have this one in my ARMS finally!
Meeting Aunt Casey
My cute face! Not a fan of the flash bulbs
I have my Daddy's eyes Happy gassy face
So sleepy! Daddy's finger
Trying to pose cute before leaving for home With the lil slippers he hasn't worn yet I like to cover my mouth with my hand, even when I try to eat.
With mommy waiting to leave Family of 3!! Our room was so hot, mommy and Jonathan had to wait to put on our coats
Waiting for dad to get the car...wearing the sweater that daddy wore home from the hospital
Snuggled in my carseat, ready to begin my new life with mommy and daddy! There is a photo taken almost in the same spot of us both pregnant at Kendra's shower, 5 months later and our little men are here! Kendra, Megan, Sara and Darren came fora  visit! Kendra made really delicious beef strogonoff casserole
Posing with Sara...thanks for the snacks that you brought:-) Seeing how big Darren has gotten makes me want to hang on to these little moments even more. I can't believe how quickly Darren got so big! We (along with Sara) taught our kids to fist bump
The downstairs is chilly so JT gets multiple blankets He has a big head so his baby hats don't stay on all the time and he likes to throw his arms up and out of his blankets Cuddle time with mommy
He passes out so easily, he was complete chill on his chaning pad. First bath at 4 days old! Not happy!
Feeling better wrapped in my towel from Rachel All snuggly and better
All finished... Professional shot- 11 days old 11days old, family portrait
He looks so angelic here, 11 days
Little hand Little feet Going to his first DR appt-6 days old
6 days old, going to the DR He was eating and fell asleep holding my finger:-) He likes fingers, 1 week old
1 week old in his bassinet 1 week old 8 days old
9 days old having mommy Johnny time 9 days Another bath- 9 days old
Another bath- 9 days old 9 days bath
Another bath- 9 days old After his bath all snuggled up- 9 days old After his bath all snuggled up- 9 days old
After his bath all snuggled up- 9 days old Tummy Time Mat! He didn't get it yet :-) 10 days old Since he wanted to nap, so did I.
I think it made a good pillow- 10 days Daddy and Johnny napping- 11 days old His outfit says it all "I'm a cutie" 11 days
11 days, daddy decided to put pop tarts on him First family outing- going to get photos at 11 days First restaurant experience- O'Charleys with Gma and Gpa Mahany 2 weeks and 2 days old
Valentine's Day! Part 1 of his outfit Part 2 of his Valentine's Outfit. It say's Mom's Prince
Kissing my second valentine The feet say Kiss me No baby, but this was our first date away from him on Valentine's Day. Gma Maag babysat
13 days old wearing the hat and shoes from Grandma's dancing friends The day he wore at least 4 outfits...13 days old Gma Mahany was over for a visit- 3 weeks old
15 days old with Gma Maag 15 days old with Gpa Maag Wearing the shirt from Aunt Emily and Uncle Jeremy. It says "I'm the boss when Mom is not around" but that's not true, he's always the boss
16 days old, just waiting until he is old enough to chase the cats Jonathan's Cake with his picture-at his welcome party, 3.5 weeks old Scary eyes!
Ready for his party to start!   
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Description: God gave us an angel