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Before we started his room it was unorganized with his things And our ironing room, we slowly cleaned it out Smokey wasn't too pleased with losing her room
Almost empty Round 1 of painting
Added the brown stripe- this was extremely easy to apply. The hardest part was us agreeing on a boarder to use. Josh working on the outlets
Where his crib will go! Closet starting to fill with baby things Daydreaming about my little boy while the Roomba vacuumed
Around Halloween things were really coming together Crib and changing table were assembled
My rocking chair complete with blanket from my Grandmother Things got unorganized again when Josh painted the panda Working on the baby panda
The cats were intrigued FINISHED! Panda painting and all of my pandas (plus about 4 of JTs) up in the pet net Full view of changing table
His crib- the bedding matches the hanging on the wall because I accidentally bought 2 sets of baby bedding online. Oh pregnancy brain, can't wait for you to leave
Cubes on the wall, the candle was from mom and the tree was from Casey- both a few years ago Straight view of Josh's painting My mom even found me a panda trash can
His first pair of shoes His big panda seat  
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Description: We finally finished his room...just a few small things left to do but for the most part things are complete!!