Spring/Summer 2011

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In May, cheering Aunt Casey on in the Flying Pig marathon He was less than enthused to be out so early in the rain Dad and I were excited Happy Mother's day Mommy! Such a sweetie My Mother's Day breakfast, bacon, scones with devinshire cream and fresh fruit Hanging out Gotta kiss them lots before they can tell you not to! on our way to Hilton head, traditional stop at Cracker Barrel Mom and Dad at Cracker Barrel Josh and I- very tired after our long impromptu drive the night before Letting Jonathan get some energy out at Chick Fil A He loved going up the slide I'll drive mom! Dad, how do you turn the key? This cup kept him amused for at least an hour, amazing! Ready for the beach mommy! I guess mommy was ready too- whatever it takes to make that kid smile :-) Out for lunch at Coligny Circle At the beach, 23 weeks Yumm My darling silly husband, love him! Crab?! what? where? Ahh Playing in his tent on the beach <3 my family At the beach with Aunt casey Let's go feed the turtles! Turtles! IN the condo with my loveThis This was the ridiculous chocolate cake at Robert Irvine's restaurant, yes it was pretty ridiculous! Mini-Golf date Date complete with a moon rise He didn't like the kiddie pool, it was all shade but a bit chilly So we moved to the big pool He liked to run in and jump to daddy Family shot in the pool Sunrise! perfection Headed home, almost to our stop for the night Quick stop in the Mountains and Gatlinburg on our way home! Gatlinburg, yay for balloons The balloon kept him entertained and he wouldn't let it go Another Chick Fil A stop! He made a friend this time until he pulled her hair :-/ Mommy had to climb up with him This was so much fun, definitely a trip highlight Pregnant or not, made it through the tunnels Johnny helping daddy fix the car let me know when you need this dad Ok daddy, what's next? In gatlinburg (again) with friends Pretty cool little place The real reason I love G-burg! yay, mommy and daddy are home! Giving him his water snake we picked up for him at the Aquarium he missed us so much, and we definitely missed him! At Jenna's wedding, thanks Cheryl for letting us borrow this outfit! He was quite entertaining as we waited for photosTw Two handsome men! He ran all over the place with the big kids Tried to get a pic of Josie and JT together, this was the best we could do, haha More play time! 4th of July, headed to fireworks! In his jammies, this was way past bedtime! First time in a car cart!- July Literally LOL'd at this face! At Toots He loved getting inbetween the couch and loveseat and playing with cords (don't worry, no outlets were accessible) But he can't get out himself so he'd get really upset when he was done 18months old! At I-Hop Talking to Chuck E. Cheese with Grandpa Dialing chuck E He was mostly interested in feeding the machines money as we were learning to play with our bank this week and count coins He didn't smile on most rides... But loved the free slide/climber! <3 So happy playing with the stuff that doesn't take coins.. Smushie face haha Had this pic with me in the hospital (with JJ), gosh he is so precious to me! Loves him Couldn't be happier to be this little boy's mama!Photos 1 – 100 out of 100 | Back to Albums