STE Formal and Fun w/ Fondant!

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Leaving for the formal Matt and Cara were at our table...newlyweds :-) So were Nate and Sara The let's take their picture as they eat picture How cute...also newlyweds! Us...not so newlywed ADX Represent! The boys doing their thing Megan came late! Someone gave Josh the camera Glad Sara was paying attention Love it! Me and Amy- about to leave Rod and Amy- Josh and Rod decided to match The Naneys Food Network has inspired me...I made a fondant covered cake on Sunday There was no occasion so I did what I like- flowers. Daisey on the top and tulip flowing over the side Hearts on the sides Top view w/o a flash...not too bad for my first try.Photos 1 – 25 out of 25 | Back to Albums
Location: Benchmark