Summertime living 2012

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Happy Mother's Day Mommy! Boys helping me open my gifts JT loves "birthday cake" of course I would get birthday cake cookies from him!
Best gifts ever- 2 handsome little guys that call me mommy
Jeremiah learning to walk
We all love using chopsticks Ready for a walk
So sleepy on the walk, what a hard life Excited to be out enjoying the fresh air My lilies
More lilies Simply precious
These cheerios are so tasty... Back in June- Grandma Julie came for a visit!
Grandma with 2 of her 3 grandsons
BUBBLES!!! Enjoying Mamaw and Papa Tom Jonathan's favorite neighbor- Evan (a.k.a. Kevin to Johnny)
Enjoying a S'More for the first time On a Riverboat Cruise
Grandma always makes me laugh I was a bit hot wearing this one but he had a great time so it was worth it
First tatoo
Enjoying the breeze on the water Pirate ship--Sword fight!
Everyone against daddy
Rootbeer stand
Cruising at 9 months Visiting family in Lima
Jonathan playing in Great Grandpa's yard And with his cars in Great Grandpa's driveway JT with Great- Grandpa and Great Grandma
Jeremiah experiences Kewpee More fries please! We all love Kewpee
<3 I'll get you mamaw! Getting Grandma's "beard" (for the record, she doesn't have one)
Jeremiah at Addison's birthday party Here honey, I'll get your necklace And we're off!
Crawling at 8 months Joint Bath Time Begins! Dedication day
JJ was upset he didn't get a light saber too Daddy with his boys on dedication day
Family that visited for the dedication
Photos 1 - 70 out of 70 | Back to Albums