Winter Turns to Spring!

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Our Street, Jan 09 Our House after the big storm Our poor tree was completely iced up
I think it was 8-12 inches?
Josh for V-Day
Us together for V-Day
He got me all of my favorites...took me shopping for my shoes and dress...took me to get an hour and a half massage and got me cheesecake for our dessert.
He also had my favorite flowers sent to work! And of course our favorite champagne... On to Spring! My tulips started to sprout!
A few days of growth Daffodils coming up! I had no idea what these would be
The Daffodils I planted between my tulips
The tulips I planted- at least half of these were gifts from Rod and Amy at our housewarming party last fall. The front yard We took Josie to Chuck E Cheese with Clint and my mom
She didn't want to get off this ride! Then she turned into a driving diva This car was a little too scary
She must take after her Aunt Crystal, I did the car games too
1st place isn't so hard at Chuch E Cheese She was almost happier in the car with her cup
Spa Party! Mom and Aunt Susan came Masks after our facial steams
My turn! Casey came later Beautiful faces!
More beautiful faces!   
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Location: Cincinnati