Another Year Over and a New One Just Begun

The lyrics to the title of this post mean more to me than ever now. I simply cannot believe we just celebrated another New Years. It truly doesn’t seem like that long ago we were at the same friend’s house ringing in the new year together or that I was putting things together for Jonathan’s first birthday. It was a blessed year for our family, fully of some ups and downs but overall what a wonderful year. Here are my highlights: Continue reading

40 weeks and 2 days

Well, here we are…2 days past my due date. It’s after 4 in the morning and I haven’t slept yet, been to bed 2-3 time but get up almost immediately with a restless mind and heart. I’m having a hard time with my DR situation right now, I hate not knowing who is going to be delivering me. Such an intimate and special moment to be having a stranger at your feet. I’ve met all the doctors, but I was really hopeful that the one I’d seen the most would deliver me and he still might but the odds are low. It’s just weighing heavily on my right now, I wish I had one DR who knows me better and would know more about me right away when they step in my hospital room.

JT has a max of a week to go, next Thursday (or possibly Tues) I am going to be induced. If I am still pregnant on Tues and there isn’t room for an induction at the hospital then I have an ultrasound and another DR appt. I guess they want to examine JT and make sure he’s still doing alright.

I’m so over this pregnancy part and really want to get on to motherhood. It wouldn’t be as bad if I didn’t have the false labor spell last Thursday, that’s made everything worse. Every day makes me wonder if it’s “the day” and I hate that lack of knowing and expectations. I do still love to feel him move around inside me (as he just did) and think I’ll miss that part. Though the rib jabs and extra stretching will not be missed. Soon enough I guess… it’s really not that much longer when I think of how far I’ve come.

Today is D day

Well, today is officially my due date. It’s 4:30 in the AM and I am wide awake but feel really tired…weird. Anyway, I am still working and ok working. I actually felt really good at work yesterday and had a decent amount of energy. Maybe it was my half-caf starbucks that helped get me through the day.

I was having contractions and will now say I had false labor last Thursday, as a result every day has felt like it might be “the day”. But, JT has decided to hold out on me, which is originally what I wanted all along because now I will likely definitely return to work mid-April instead of the first week of April. I really wanted to avoid working on my birthday because I think it should be a company given holiday for everyone. Well, everyone’s individual birthday should be a holiday for them.

The nursery is completely ready, our bags are packed, car seat is installed…just need the baby. I even got the outfit Josh wore home from the hospital to take with us. I am going to put the sweater over JT because I expect it to be cold and he will likely need it. Though if he comes Saturday it’s supposed to be 50, maybe the sweater will actually be too warm? Maybe that’s why he didn’t come yet, he’s waiting for 50 degrees. Smart kid.

ooo…contraction coming right now. Too bad it doesn’t feel too intense, but stomach goes mis-shapen for almost every contraction which is pretty funny, and at times a but painful. The other day I thought JT was trying to claw his way out of my tummy though the middle because he was kicking so hard and it really stretched me. It has made my tummy sore these past 2 weeks or so as he’s getting really big inside.

Ok, enough rambling. Hopefully my next update will be about the beautiful baby boy that I brought home!!!

36 weeks at Christmas!

Whoa- Been too long since I wrote on here which is unfortunate. A lot has happened in these past 6 weeks, we had Thanksgiving in Lima with Josh’s extended family and the next day with my family in Cincy. The Lima Thanksgiving was nice, it’s always nice to see more family. They threw us a mini “shower” of gifts so JT got lots of new clothes and a really nice soft blanket. They also made really cute (and yummy) sugar cookies shaped and decorated like teddy bears and baby carriages. Unfortunately, at my family’s Thanksgiving I wasn’t feeling so well. It was on Black Friday and Josh went out shopping with friends, I planned to go out with a friend later but got sick that morning after eating McDonalds. I learned JT doesn’t like McDonalds either so he probably won’t be eating too many Happy Meals there. I felt better enough to go to Mom and Dad’s but wasn’t in the best mood. Josh used his early Christmas gift of a video camera to capture some of the highlights.

December has been all about Christmas and trying to wrap things up for JT. His nursery was completed on Dec 19th and it’s all ready for him to come NOW! ha, I think he’s trying to hang on longer, at my DR appt this week they said I wasn’t dilated at all so he’s probably going to be a 2010 baby. I am really glad he wasn’t a Christmas baby, I guess he did follow those instructions (do not be born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day). He got a bank from grandma and grandpa Mahany, I will have to set it out in his room soon. Josh and I had a good Christmas together, we video taped ourselves opening our presents so we have that memory. We also played quite a few card games together recently because he gave me games as gifts and a book on card games. Very fun. I hope we find the time to still play games together after JT gets here.

Things are going well with JT, every test and dr appt. is pretty easy and things are coming out very normal. I am 36 weeks and 2 days as I write this, in 5 days he will be a full term baby!! Which means he can come anytime and mommy really wants him to hurry up and come. Earlier this week I held Ellie and it made me want him to be here soooo badly. I know it’s better for him to wait a little longer and keep growing and that means more of my maternity leave is in Spring vs. Winter, but I am still starting to get impatient about holding my baby boy! Grandma and Grandpa Maag want him to stay in even longer so he’s younger when they come up to see him:-) Though, I do not plan on letting him stay inside until February, that is just too long!

He likes to push his little rear end out on my belly, it’s a very funny feeling. Also, at times Josh and I can feel an arm or foot and physically make it move by pushing on it. It’s an amazing and slightly creepy feeling all in one. Aunt Casey got to feel him moving yesterday too which was good, only took 9 months for him to cooperate with her around.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to anyone who may keep up with this!

30 weeks tomorrow!

I am so excited to be at 30 weeks tomorrow! That means only 10 more weeks or so until Jonathan is here! Things are coming along, the nursery is mostly complete, childbirth class is done, breast feeding class is done, now we just need a few more essentials (diapers!!) and we’ll be ready for him.

I’ve been feeling a bit better lately, though still having pain in my back and abdomen. Overall though, I am healthy, am happy with how I’ve controlled my weight, and thankful he is still showing signs of healthy growth. My first shower is this Sunday which is exciting, I’m excited both for the shower and to see all of my girlfriends in one place. We had a party on 10/30 where I saw a lot of people but didn’t get to spend much quality time with my friends.

Work is still stressful but I have a replacement now (yippee) so hopefully I will be delegating a bit more and have an end in sight!

Less than 100 days to go!

Well, this week at work was extremely stressful though I didn’t actually feel that stressed I was in several high-stress situations. I am glad it’s the weekend and I can relax!

Yesterday I had an appt with the pain mgmt dr- she still thinks it’s ligament pain and will go away. Josh and I decided I have to stay off my feet as much as possible now so everything I do is limited. Unfortunately, that’s all that will help my back. I did not want any of the medicine they offered me…they didn’t know the side effects in pregnant women and I would feel awful if something happened even if I would never know that the drug caused the problems. After work we met David, Lydia and their friend Jerry to go to Chipotle and see Where the Wild Things Are. It was an ok movie, little one liked it at first then took a nap- he is like his mommy, sleeping through movies already:-) Ha…

Josh tried to go get me donuts last night at 11:30 because they sounded really yummy, DD had a total of 2 donuts available so that was a bust. But at least he tried to go out for me- I wish every woman, especially every pregnant woman had someone taking care of them like I do. I do not know why God has blessed me so much.

Speaking of blessings, yesterday Josh’s tire got bent in on the Stratus. No idea how it happened but thankfully it happened in his garage at work and not when he was on the highway. What if he would have lost a tire? Oh my, I am just thankful he is ok and that we have an extra car so we aren’t stressed with how one of us will get to work each day. Thank you Lord…seriously

A few things to catch up on…

So lots has happened these past few weeks. I found out mid Sept that I was promoted to the OPDL position. Very excited about the change but the transition hasn’t started yet. Hopefully, it will start soon! It is a promotion, but only a small promotion, still the extra $$ is going to pay for house cleaning so I can spend more time with my little man after he’s here. I do not get to work from home on Mondays anymore which was a sacrifice for me so hopefully not having to do as much housework will make up for that.

Josh and I went on a mini-vacation at the end of September. We went to Gatlinburg, TN. One of my favorite places and Josh likes it alright too. On Friday night (we got in around 4 PM) we went to Carinos and did some outlet shopping. We didn’t get a whole lot though because the tax rate down there is too outrageous. We went back to the cabin that evening and relaxed in the hot tub (turned down to 95 degrees so no worries people). On Saturday, we went to a Pancake house in Gburg and tried to see the mountainous views but it was too rainy:( We turned around at the NC/TN state line. We spent a little bit of time shopping in downtown Gburg, had Ben and Jerry’s and I was freezing. I had my shirt, a sweatshirt, jacket and poncho on and was still cold INSIDE the mall. I blame that on being pregnant. Joshie was supportive though, the jacket was his. After shopping for a bit, we went back to our cabin to relax. I took a nap and Josh watched the Matrix. We had tickets to the Hoot and Holler Show that night at Wonderworks. The show was very similar to the show we had seen 3 years earlier but we liked it nonetheless. We stopped at Kripee Kream before retreating back to the cabin for the night. We spent a little more time in the hot tub, drank non-alcoholic champagne and called it a night. Sunday we left- I got sick in the AM which was not fut an all but managed to drive part of the way home for Joshie anyway. We had a good time, cabin wasn’t as great as our honeymoon cabin but I always enjoy weekends away together!

Pregnancy and Healthwise things are going well and not so well. Baby Panda is completely healthy, progressing normally, I’m the right size, etc etc. So that is what matters the most- that he is 100% as healthy as can be. I on the other hand started battling nausea again and my back pain is returning and is worse than before. Last weekend (Oct 3-4) I was in a lot of pain when I tried to sleep. I cleaned our bedroom and being on my feet/moving.bending was terrible. I had shooting pain in my back, hip, and right leg. I also had a lot of pressure in my knee, calf and ankle…so I have an appt with my pain mgmt dr next week. The only thing that seems to prevent the back pain is doing absolutely nothing after work and on the weekends. I can’t be up moving about, cleaning, working on the nursery, etc. That is extremely hard on me, I have the energy (for now) and motivation and can’t do it! My mom has been helping with some cleaning and laundry so that has been a tremendous help! Hopefully, continuing to take it easy will keep my back pain in check and the house won’t look too awful.

Yesterday we had our child birth class and infant nutrition class. Very good stuff…I need to practice my relaxation and breathing techniques and remember all of the good exercises they showed us:-) I really hope I don’t go into back labor…that sounded awful. I was also surprised that the class seemed biased against an epidural but they didn’t really have an official opinion.

On Friday, I met Darren Clem. What a sweet sweet baby!! Holding him made me want my little boy here even sooner, I loved getting to hold him as he “slept”. That was the noisiest sleep I’d ever heard from a baby but it was all precious baby noises. I helped change his diaper and managed not to get peed on (as is the typical concern with little boy diaper changes) but right as I’m pulling the diaper underneath him he manages to projectile poo in my direction. It was hilarious and gross but I guess it makes sense that Bryan’s kid would poo on me. Haha…oh well it was really good practice for baby panda.

22 weeks and growing

This week I hit 22 weeks! This means that next week will mark the halfway point for Josh and I going through this Pregnancy. We found out at 6 weeks, so 34 weeks of knowing= a halfway point of 23 weeks. We started a registry at Target and will open one at Babies R Us soon too. It was quite an overwhelming process though so I’ll make sure I have starbucks in hand for round 2 (decaf though).

I am having 4AM insomnia lately- it’s 5AM right now and I’ve been up for about an hour doing nothing important. Josh is even sleeping downstairs tonight. Poor guy fell asleep on the couch and I didn’t want to wake him to come up stairs with his sprained ankle. At least the ankle is showing signs of improvement. I wish my cold would show signs of improvement, been congested for 2 days, going on 3 for Saturday. Not the way I wanted to spend my weekend but as long as it doesn’t get worse and Mikey continues to be healthy, I’ll be ok. Mikey is the baby’s nickname (better than Thor, right??) Ha- I can’t wait to name the little guy soon and I can’t wait for his arrival. Still praying for that warm January day!

Almost 21 weeks

Whew what an eventful weekend. Josh and I started our first baby registry at Target. It’s very overwhelming how much there is to choose from and how much you need/think you might need! It was fun though, at least for me. Josh got though it ok but shopping is never his thing. After registering we went to my parent’s house to celebrate Josie, Clint and mom’s birthdays. I was exhausted and not feeling very well most of the time so I probably left earlier than I normally would have. We got mom a rocker (from all of us) which she is really excited about- she can’t wait to rock our baby boy! I can’t wait to rock that baby boy either…19 more weeks or so and he’ll be here:-)

Work was ok today- managed to come home and make chicken tacos and salads for dinner and made 2 additional salads for our lunches tomorrow. Laundry is going too- hopefully these little spurts of energy make up for the spurts of lacking energy!


Hello- I reached 20.5 weeks this weekend and couldn’t be happier. On Friday, Josh and I had our second ultrasound and this was the big one. At first the baby was not cooperating and I was nervous we weren’t going to find out what he/she was. Even if that were the case, it was still an amazing feeling to see our little one again. He has grown so much since we saw him last 12 weeks ago! When she first pulled up the sonogram he was waving at us…we saw his heart beating, blood flow in his cord, all brain lobes, hands feet, face, spine, ribs, and finally he flashed the camera long enough to prove he is definitely a HE! We were overjoyed to find out our firstborn baby is going to be a son. We got quite a few pictures to be posted at some point but seeing him on the screen makes it harder to wait to see him in person!

After our DR. appts, we went to dinner at an Indian restaurant. We started talking about baby names and have a few front runners but nothing fantastic. Maag is not the easiest last name to match to! Oh well, we have time and will figure it out soon enough. I did tell Josh at the restaurant that I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life- and truly mean it. We celebrated 3 years of marriage this week (at the Melting Pot) and found out our baby boy is as healthy as can be. Nothing in life can be better than that.

On Saturday, we went to Mike and Liz’s house for Josh to play a game with them. I went shopping for more maternity clothes and bought the paint for the nursery. I can’t wait for it to be painted and put together soon!

As far as my health goes, this is the third night in a row that I haven’t been able to sleep:-( My back is still bothering me quite a bit so prayers for healing, pain relief and more sleep would be appreciated. But, my biggest prayer of all is that the pain goes away after my son is born- I can’t imagine it not and me not being able to do all of the things that I want to do with him.