Emotions are Running High

So my emotions are running extremely high these days…maybe it’s the mini pills? I am starting to feel extremely anxious about returning to work. Fortunately my mom will be watching Jonathan so there are no worries there…but I know it will be very rough. I wonder what it will be like for him? Will he miss me? Will he like his bottles better? What milestones will I miss? But then I also think How much better of a mom will I be? What great opportunities I can provide him with later and how much greater will our evening and weekends be? I know it’s for the best but it doesn’t mean I won’t cry about it…and cry a lot ;-(

We’ve had a busy few weeks. I took him to work with me on the 18th to visit with friends and he wore his cool shades there (though not inside). Everyone thought he was very cute and he was very well behaved.

This was a huge blessing considering the weekend before we took him to Longhorn, the Home and Garden show and Rock Bottom Brewery and he wasn’t too happy at the restaurants. He did do well at the show though. After work, Cheryl, Ira and I went for a walk around Sharon Woods. IT was a 2 hour walk and we both fed and changed our kids on the trail. The fresh air was very refreshing and it’s nice to see we’ve both adapted to motherhood and can take care of our kids anywhere. On Saturday we went to lunch with Terri from work and Jonathan was very well behaved. I also discovered a new favorite restaurant- Mimi’s Cafe. It was wonderful! That night Grandma watched him while Josh and I went to Buca Di Beppo’s with ADX sisters and then to Alice and Wonderland. It was nice to be on a date again!

This week has flown by like all of the others! Sunday I had a spa party and had about 10 girls over for pedicures, facial steams and hand treatments. I think everyone had a good time. I don’t even remember Monday though I was probably putting my house back together after the party. On Tuesday I had PT in the morning and mom took care of Jonathan. We also went to Western Hills for lunch at Fridays and to the candle store. Wednesday I had a play date with Kendra & Darren and Cheryl & Ira. We enjoyed ourselves and our kids and hopefully we can squeeze in one more before I go back to work. I also got out in the evening to go grocery shopping. Since when did grocery shopping become such an event and treat?! Ahh I feel very old now. That is definitely a big life change.

Today is Thursday and I am enjoying a nice 2 hour break right now while Josh takes care of JT. I am finally getting around to some emails and trying to catch up with people that I’ve been late getting back to.