A whole week of work

So this past week was my first full week back at work. I must say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I did miss being at home with Jonathan but not as much as I think I enjoyed being back at work, talking to adults, working on problems and making a difference. I wish I had a job where I made a more important difference but this week I heard about a problem and took the initiative to investigate it further. It may ultimately not make any difference to what we were going to do but I enjoyed the work. Work would be much much better if traffic weren’t so horrific!

Some days I think about going back to school to become a labor and delivery nurse. I loved mine so much, I think it would be really fun to be a nurse helping moms deliver or a nurse taking care of newborn babies. Pretty much since the day I gave birth I’ve wanted to be pregnant again. It’s really weird because the whole time I was pregnant I just wanted to be done, or I guess I wanted to meet my baby. I look forward to being pregnant again though I know that’s months away.

Jonathan did really well with mom this week. He went to Panera with mom and dad and didn’t fuss. He held his head up during tummy time while they read him a story which was more than I had previously seen him do. On Friday this week, I did tummy time with him and he turned himself 90 degrees towards me and starting pushing himself up more. Not quite fully holding himself up but he’s getting closer. He did pick up his rattle on his own for the first time on Friday. I sat it next to him on his play gym and the next thing I know he is swinging it over his head. He likes to hold things in his left hand so I wonder if this means he’ll be a lefty?

I suppose I should do some housework now. We had friends over for a cookout on Thursday so cleanup still calls!

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