Back to work :(

Well, it’s official, my maternity leave is over. While I am saddened by this I know I have the best care possibly for my Johnny. My mom is watching him and coming to my house 4 days a week. No dropping him off at a sitter/day care which I am thankful for. My mom truly is the best!

Work was ok, my new boss even greeted me with a hug. We had an all company meeting in the morning and it felt like I never left. Suddenly, my whole leave seemed a blur and it was only yesterday that Jonathan was born. But it’s really been 11 weeks and his size proves it. I am easing back into my schedule which is great and I think I’ll be able to leave most days at 4:30 to get home to Jonathan for this dinner feeding. My new boss is willing to work with me in this manner which is wonderful. I am so blessed!

Jonathan is sleeping now and Josh and I are going to spend a little time together before we wake the guy at 11 for his late night feeding. Hopefully he’ll sleep through the night after that. Last night he was up at 3:30 and I had to wake him at 6:15 today to eat.

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